Best Seattle City Tour

Feel The Best Tour Of The City With Never More Than 14 Fellows

Seattle is a social mecca where technology, nature & the arts intersect to create a rich fabric of experiences. We’ve organized the archetypal Seattle adventure into an unconventional tour that’ll explore the diverse groups that have built the city from its inception. Your helpful guide will keep you inspired and informed with stories, events, popular places, and so much more. Relish this tour early on in your Seattle visit to help from all the knowledge and suggestions!

Tour Details

  • General Pick-up at a central downtown Seattle neighborhood near Westlake Center
  • Limited seats open with pick-up from several Downtown Seattle hotels for 9 am and 10 am tours particularly. Drop-off after at the same place after the tour and some routine drop-offs will be available upon demand.

Tour Itinerary

The tour will start in Seattle’s bustling downtown center highlighting the Seattle Art Museum, Pike Place Market, Shopping District, & World’s First Starbucks Ever.

Pioneer Square & Stadium District

Seattle’s primary downtown is now a 35 square district packed with a shift of the century Romanesque building, art exhibits & trendy restaurants, all of which join the sports arenas for the Seahawks, Sounders, and Mariners.

The Mariners have a new and state-of-the-art ballpark which is worth a visit all on it’s own.  You can go to this website to learn more about it.

International District & Waterfront

House to Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese, Korea, and Hmong regions, this town persists in offering a role in Seattle’s multicultural personality. Seattle’s waterfront adds the aquarium, ferris wheel, excellent seafood restaurants, unusual souvenir shops, well-known piers and ferry, and water taxi terminals.

Ducks of Seattle

Ride the Ducks is the most unique way to tour the City.  Why?  Because these interesting vessels take you on a tour of the land and the water.

The boats multi task by driving on the land and of course by cruising on the waters of Lake Union.  You will definitely want to check out this experience with the whole family.

Seattle Center & Queen Anne View Point

Being the site of the 1962 World’s Fair, the Seattle Center is a 72-acre township park, which is also the birthplace of the Space Needle, Paul Allen’s Life Music Project, Dale Chihuly’s Garden, Pacific Science Center and Glass exhibition.

Ballard Locks & Fremont Neighborhood

Inaugurated in 1917, the lock system and ship canal combine the freshwater of lakes Union and Washington with the saltwater of the Pacific

in Puget Sound. It’s a big destination for seeing boats navigating within the two waterways, and it also highlights a fish ladder for watching the seasonal emigration of salmon.

Fremont neighborhood, renowned for its outdoor art and nude bicyclists in the Summer Solstice ceremony, is also a microcosm of the difficulties Seattle faces as it wrestles with growth. This formerly quirky, bohemian artist colony is now converting into a high tech substation with offices for Google, Tableau, and Adobe while prevailing true to its artsy origins.

Walking Tour

A bit less popular in the United States of America, because every one is lazy and would prefer to take a tour on a machine like a Segway, is a walking tour.  Walking tours are awesome because you get a real feel for the city.

You can visit all the nooks and crannies that make Seattle the unique spot in the Pacific Northwest.  Another benenfit of a walking tour is food.  That’s right.  When you are walking around it’s much easier to stop in and get a great cup of coffee (duh!).

The next stop might be that boutique little bakery where you can get the best sourdough on the planet.  After that you might need to satisfy your sweet tooth by stopping at specialty chocolate shop.  There are several high end chocolate shops in and around Pikes Place Market.

And another benefit of a walking tour is that you get fresh air mixed with a little bit of exercise.  You won’t feel so bad indulging in bread and chocolates because you are actually earning some of those calories.

Museum of Pop Culture

Located in a stunning Frank Gehry-designed house, Seattle’s Museum of Pop culture AKA MoPop, heretofore the EMP Museum, is a pop-culture buff’s fantasy come true. You will adore the many exhibits narrating everything from horror cinema, science fiction literature, and

video games to show costumes and rock music. The interactive world of many shows will make you feel like you are smack dab in the center of your favorite action movie! Full of technological marvels – befitting a foundation that was founded by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen – the gallery also highlights one of the largest LED screens in the world.