Fun Family Tours Is An Independant Company

Fun Family Tours is an independent branch of Cambria Wooden Earthenworks Inc., a waterfront business specializing in boatbuilding and restoration and currently operating from two locations on Cambria Lake, New York.
Fun Family Tours will offer daily historical narrated lake tours originating from both our home dock at 435 Old East Side Dr. and from the  Cherokee Farmers Market  at Tugboat Landing. See schedule or call toll free 1-555-892-4568 for information and reservations.
Fun Family Tours hopes to raise public awareness of water quality issues affecting beautiful Cambria Lake.  With this in mind, we are committed to keeping our own impact on the lake to a minimum while providing as much opportunity for hands on education with the least impact on the lake as possible.
Our efforts towards this goal include using bio-diesel fuel made from a mixture of diesel and plant oils.
Fun Family Tours works closely with schools and organizations and has developed a set of educational, research and commercial programs which strongly encourage the use of the vessel as a platform from which groups or individuals can launch their own research projects.  Fun Family Tours also  offers the floating classroom and eco-tours as an interesting option for tourists and visitors.